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Russia COVID19 Cases in Russia [Last data 2020-12-03]


People killed


Infected by Corona-Virus


Mortality rate

127 new cases per 100'000

Development (7 day Incident Index)

COVID19 Data for Russia
Population: 144478050

Latest numbers: 2020-12-03

Province/State Infection CasesDeaths
Saint Petersburg1332885599
Moscow Oblast1132782124
Nizhny Novgorod Oblast554201200
Sverdlovsk Oblast470631047
Rostov Oblast406761377
Krasnoyarsk Krai369031160
Voronezh Oblast35115632
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug34774420
Irkutsk Oblast32640823
Arkhangelsk Oblast32012347
Stavropol Krai28173564
Ulyanovsk Oblast28112354
Murmansk Oblast27996485
Saratov Oblast27661250
Volgograd Oblast27655316
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug26740265
Altai Krai26577573
Chelyabinsk Oblast25823306
Khabarovsk Krai25233160
Orenburg Oblast23544224
Omsk Oblast23053637
Novosibirsk Oblast23046756
Samara Oblast22873432
Krasnodar Krai22419614
Primorsky Krai22377242
Komi Republic21912370
Perm Krai21284659
Kemerovo Oblast21123384
Penza Oblast20551246
Sakha (Yakutiya) Republic20487309
Zabaykalsky Krai19767331
Buryatia Republic19425446
Dagestan Republic19209968
Tomsk Oblast18846171
Tyumen Oblast18587134
Kirov Oblast18543198
Bryansk Oblast17575132
Leningrad Oblast17368148
Tula Oblast16945491
Yaroslavl Oblast1680488
Belgorod Oblast1654590
Orel Oblast16364202
Kaluga Oblast16281113
Ivanovo Oblast16145259
Karelia Republic15991106
Kursk Oblast15613203
Tver Oblast15568389
Bashkortostan Republic1454884
Ryazan Oblast1429992
Astrakhan Oblast14024263
Udmurt Republic13721289
Vladimir Oblast13516333
Tambov Oblast13459102
Kabardino-Balkarian Republic12904218
Vologda Oblast12838176
Chuvashia Republic12797290
Pskov Oblast1270274
Smolensk Oblast12596283
Tyva Republic12584138
Khakassia Republic12426135
Karachay-Cherkess Republic1240534
Novgorod Oblast1222889
Kaliningrad Oblast11846117
Kalmykia Republic11844148
Amur Oblast1168998
Kostroma Oblast11674187
Sakhalin Oblast115967
Lipetsk Oblast11510120
Altai Republic1139428
Mordovia Republic1092764
Tatarstan Republic10514138
Ingushetia Republic9635114
North Ossetia - Alania Republic952476
Kurgan Oblast8906119
Adygea Republic824567
Kamchatka Krai779877
Mari El Republic767794
Magadan Oblast577456
Chechen Republic460970
Jewish Autonomous Okrug301250
Nenets Autonomous Okrug6590
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug4023

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  • Sick people: For the calculation of the number of sick people a recovery time of 18 days is assumed. I.e. #Sick_people = #Cases_of_infection - #deaths - #Cases_of_infections_18days_ago
  •  If you see any inconsistencies in the data or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.