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Ukraine COVID19 Cases in Ukraine [Last data 2021-03-06]


People killed


Infected by Corona-Virus


Mortality rate

117 new cases per 100'000

Development (7 day Incident Index)

COVID19 Data for Ukraine
Population: 44622516

Latest numbers: 2021-03-06

Province/State Infection CasesDeaths
Odessa Oblast875821463
Kharkiv Oblast856051630
Lviv Oblast812212317
Kiev Oblast776681279
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast751762023
Zaporizhia Oblast704101197
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast677611228
Chernivtsi Oblast573151060
Zhytomyr Oblast53549867
Rivne Oblast49682633
Sumy Oblast49390689
Cherkasy Oblast49374649
Khmelnytskyi Oblast49332908
Donetsk Oblast483121076
Poltava Oblast46926995
Ternopil Oblast43617615
Mykolaiv Oblast43148805
Zakarpattia Oblast42839968
Volyn Oblast40936654
Vinnytsia Oblast39883701
Chernihiv Oblast36325766
Crimea Republic*36057955
Kherson Oblast21877651
Luhansk Oblast15169473
Kirovohrad Oblast10904381

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  • Sick people: For the calculation of the number of sick people a recovery time of 18 days is assumed. I.e. #Sick_people = #Cases_of_infection - #deaths - #Cases_of_infections_18days_ago
  •  If you see any inconsistencies in the data or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.