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Ukraine COVID19 Cases in Ukraine [Last data 2021-10-27]


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Infected by Corona-Virus


Mortality rate

336 new cases per 100'000

Development (7 day Incident Index)

COVID19 Data for Ukraine
Population: 44622516

Latest numbers: 2021-10-27

Province/State Infection CasesDeaths
Kharkiv Oblast1983714566
Odessa Oblast1834173885
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast1783915599
Lviv Oblast1744644433
Kiev Oblast1466823158
Zaporizhia Oblast1361583181
Donetsk Oblast1226493159
Khmelnytskyi Oblast1106542294
Zhytomyr Oblast1105812316
Chernivtsi Oblast1032762353
Sumy Oblast1008081759
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast1003312374
Cherkasy Oblast979201563
Rivne Oblast971771510
Poltava Oblast948652187
Crimea Republic*933142911
Ternopil Oblast873131534
Vinnytsia Oblast824451981
Mykolaiv Oblast821472248
Volyn Oblast749811443
Chernihiv Oblast701541606
Zakarpattia Oblast677111721
Kherson Oblast600301722
Luhansk Oblast457041453
Kirovohrad Oblast24009954

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  • Sick people: For the calculation of the number of sick people a recovery time of 18 days is assumed. I.e. #Sick_people = #Cases_of_infection - #deaths - #Cases_of_infections_18days_ago
  •  If you see any inconsistencies in the data or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.